General Information on Dealer Accounts   

Unlimited National Inventory
Dealers can post their entire inventory (across the entire network - sleds, boats, motorcycles and quads) for one low monthly fee. All ads are broadcast "nationally" but the consumer when viewing can "deselect national" to see just those units in their province or state. Ads will not run "cross border", however with a valid US zip code, consumers can view US product. Once a consumer selects US inventory, they will remain viewing the US inventory until they "click Canada". Pricing and inventory is updated on a daily basis.

Most Extensive Network
The network is partnered with every snowmobile association in North America, Quad associations, motorcycle associations and marine associations that each promote the network on their respective websites. This network affiliation to specific sports, directly off their specific websites help to created the most extensive and most targeted network in the country. In fact, during peak power sport months, web traffic exceeds 10,000 users a month. Getting your inventory not only noticed, but viewed by those that are actually interested in your specific sport.

Powered by Boost
The entire network is powered using Boost software - Canada's premier recreational dealer software company. When a dealer signs up for an "" account, they will automatically have a Boost account created to allow them complete access to metrics, dealer show room spec sheets and more. When a dealer logs into "itoys2buy" they will notice that in fact they have logged into Boost Recreation. Inventory from Boost, will on a daily basis, be transferred and "synced" with the itoys network automatically. For dealers wishing to display the same inventory on their own website as is featured on the network, please select the "GOLD" advertising option when creating an account and a representative from Boost will contact you.

Co-op Funded
Most manufacturers support the network for advertising new, non-current and used product. All Dealer Value Packages (see below) are approved for Co-op funding. Some manufacturers even support "automatic" claim submissions. If you are unsure if your manufacturer will allow to qualify for co-op funding, please contact us.

Funds Directed to Your Industry is the first industry classified that puts money back into your sport with each dealer listing. By posting your inventory (regardless of sleds, bikes, quads or boats), the majority of funds is returned to industry associations and provincial/state associations to create marketing and safety programs specific to increasing the market.

When you sign up for an account, please make sure you specify sleds2buy, quads2buy, motorcycles2buy or iboats2buy as your funds will be directed back into these respective sports.

Showroom Flyers and Spec Sheets
Once you load your inventory onto the network, you can immediately print off showroom flyer/spec sheets to help "dress up" your showroom for each listed product.

One account - multiple product types.
The is a network of recreational product classifieds (sleds2buy, motorcycle2buy, quad2buy, iboat2buy etc) and by creating a Boost2Buy dealer account, that means that regardless of product you want to sell (or the network you found us through), you can post all product through one account. It's your account and you can post whatever you want. The network has been created to become the dealer's marketing partner and we want to ensure you "sell product" vs. just posting it to our network.

Bronze Package - Unlimited inventory - $200/ month with a 6 month contract
Silver Package - Unlimited inventory - $150/ month with a 12 month contract
Gold Package - Unlimited inventory and Dealer Page for use with your existing website (ie. populate only one "used/ new/ non-current" inventory - $225/ month with a 12 month contract

PayPal Monthly Payments
All dealers must sign either a 6 month, or 12 month contract and sign up with "PayPal" automatic monthly payments. You don't have to have or use a Pay Pal account to subscribe, you only need to have a valid credit card that will be charged on a monthly basis by PayPal online secure services. And remember, the majority of your monthly fee ($150 - $225) will be directed back into your sport.

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